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Dongguan Boxing Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of high efficacy edge-lit LED panel lights

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    No.26, Yuanmei Road, South District, Dongguan, Guangdong, China
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Company Profile
Dongguan Boxing Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a highly specialized manufacturer of LED panel lights. Founded in 2006 by Mr. Qin Jun, a talented engineer with over 20 years of experience in optics, Boxing's commitment to continuous innovation in edge-lit LED illumination is unparalleled. The company's relentless pursuit to bring to market cutting-edge, sustainable lighting products has built itself a reputation as a leading manufacturer of high quality, high efficiency LED panel lights. Its forward-thinking technology, pioneering ideas, and inventive designs continue to drive a steady flow of product innovations that simplify today's challenges with tomorrow's science.

Boxing Lighting is pushing the boundaries of what's possible with edge-lit LED technology. Boxing LED panels take advantage of the very latest chip technology and proprietary optical designs to ensures crisp, smooth light distribution across the panels with a unified glare rating of 19 (UGR 19). Through dedication to innovation in optical engineering, Boxing Lighting introduced many firsts in terms of luminous efficacy. From 130 lm/W, 140 lm/W and 150 lm/W to currently industry's highest efficacy of 160 Lumens per circuit Watt, Boxing's innovations in waveguide optical architecture and light recycling designs revolutionarily maximize light extraction from the panels. The exceptional efficiency, superior light quality, robust and sleek structure with maximum strength and durability make Boxing LED panels stand above the competition.

Boxing Lighting has a compelling technology portfolio that enables itself to effectively translate customers' needs into high performing products. Its niche specialization spirit is also reflected in the company's professional manufacturing infrastructure which is equipped with the right processes and high efficiency production systems to deliver value-added contract manufacturing service. By leveraging the creativity and expertise of its proactive workforce, Boxing Lighting provides cost efficient, turnkey lighting solutions that fulfill its client's ambitions. Boxing's happy OEM/ODM customers include GE Lighting, a world-class supplier of premium lighting solutions, demonstrating the company's professionalism and excellence.
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